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Have you ever had to face the situation where you hit a ball
you thought was rolling in only to see it move widely to the right? Chances are
that you misunderstood the green if this has happened.
Experience Adrian
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, sound judgment and skill are required for proper
reading of the greens; so teaches my golf lessons.

Reading greens is
very significant to dive more putts because there is no cut and dry rule for the
determination of the direction a ball should start on, based on the slope of the
green and the distance to the hole. And any day sinking more putts results in a
lower golf handicap as my golf tips explain.

Lets pause a while and talk
about the speed of a ball. In putting, ball speed plays a critical role. The
factors that influence it are: (1) water content of the grass, (2) the direction
of the growth of the grass, (3) the kind of grass you are putting on. Fast
greens have the tendency to carry the ball away from the target and damp greens
have the tendency to hamper the speed of the ball.

Considering how these
factors influence your
putt Oscar
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, judging a green rightly aids you to determine
not only the direction of the putt but also its speed. We recommend nurturing a
routine of reading green to polish your skill at this technique.

venturing into specifics, let's take a look at the sequence of putting. Firstly,
all the elements determining ball speed and direction are lapped up by your
subconscious mind. Secondly, you make up your mind how hard to hit the ball and
where to hit it. Now, you putt. By observing the putt you judge how accurate you
read is. You have read the green correctly if the putt goes in but you may have
made a wrong judgment if it drifts by the hole.

To read a green
correctly my golf tip emphasizes that experience matters to a great extent. In
spite of this Jake
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, I recommend that when you study a green you keep
the following points in mind:

As you approach the green, start thinking
about the line of the putt. Whether it slopes to the right or the left, the
nicest view of the slope of the green is around 20 yards away from it. While you
stand on the green, you may miss this. If the ground around the green to the
right, then the green possibly slopes to the right too.

The green makes
a basin that is filled up with
water Jonathan
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, if the green slides to the opposite direction. Trust
me, no landscape architect who has any self-esteem will do such a thing.

If you check it from the side of the green you will know whether you
have a downhill or an uphill putt. For the best view and accounting the ball's
speed, the side of the green is ideal. In case of putts that are downhill, the
ideal perspective for judging the slope of the terrain is provided by the low
side of the green.

To understand the area surrounding the hole, stand
behind the hole. This area is very important for the reason that the ball loses
much of its speed by the time it reaches the hole. We see that the ground can
really affect the direction of the ball.

To make a last decision on the
speed and direction of the putt place yourself behind the ball. Your impression
of the line and your perspective are surely to change if you position yourself
above the ball. To take a final
observation Dustin
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, being behind the ball is the ideal way to stand.
Don't convert your decision, but stick to it firmly.

Lastly, do not turn
away in desperation if you see the ball drift by the hole. You cannot check the
accuracy of your reading until after you hit the ball because there is
negligible feedback before and during a putt. You need to ask yourself a few key
questions like: Did it have the right on line? Did it move at the right speed?
Did it take the right direction?

It is very important to answer these
questions if you want to better your sense of reading greens and sinking more
putts. Succeeding at that will definitely bring down your golf handicap. So says
my golf lessons.

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Reggie Dunn is a long time golfer and lover of the game. Get more information
about golf at his blog, which can be found at golf lesson


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